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Discover our window cleaning robot!

These self-contained devices attach to your windows to clean them.

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Each country has its own regulations for electric mobility. so if you're traveling, be sure to adapt to the laws. laws.

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Find all the common questions about our products Wiizzee.

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About us

Wiizzee is an essential new brand for modern urban mobility mobility and everyday comfort. Our products combine flexibility and comfort for everyday urban travel.

Our electric scooters

For electric electric scooters, the power of the motor, battery and wheel and wheel size vary from one model to the next, with the aim of to meet individual requirements. Our electric scooters are reliable and durable. Whether for commuting commuting, getting to an appointment or simply exploring your your neighborhood, you'll find the scooter that meets your your needs.

Four single-motor electric scooters make up our catalog. Among them, the compact folding electric scooter WS3 ideal for transporting anywhere. The WS5 Max, more robust without being less comfortable comfortable, it's designed more for long-distance travel. The Wiizzee WS7 Max and WS9 Max are our top-of-the-range models. models in our catalog.

Finally, we also offer a dual-motor electric scooter: the scooter: the WS11 Max ! A Wiizzee innovation that will help you go faster faster and further.

Our robots

Seeking new ways to improve and simplify our daily lives, Wiizzee our daily lives, Wiizzee is also a range of household robots. robots. From window washers to vacuum cleaners, we make the best technology the best technology at the best price.

Our Wiizzee AR02 robot vacuum cleaner combines 3 actions in into one, without any action on your part! It sweeps, vacuums and cleans while you're resting, reading or doing anything else or any other action more important to your well-being and than cleaning. You can take control at any time with the remote control or your smartphone, to control and manage the control and manage the passageway.

Combined with the NV01 window cleaning robotno more excuses for and other mirrors! Thanks to its 3 modes - in N, in Z or a combination of the 2 - it's a real jewel of efficiency and simplicity. Here again, you can take control at any time thanks to the remote control!

Our spare parts

Obviously, the spare parts of our products are available to encourage you to take your means of transport. Keeping your vehicle in good working order. That's why we we offer you the possibility of replacing damaged or worn parts damaged or worn parts.

Our prices

Wiizzee electric Wiizzee's electric scooters are affordable and accessible accessible to as many people as possible. Wiizzee is committed to offering low-cost low-cost scooters that will appeal to the widest possible range of users. With a sober design and more than adequate performance, our range of electric scooters is distinguished above all by its price, for a complete range of quality equipment.

As a reminder, our entire range of Wiizzee electric scooters is conform to the EPDM law (Engins de Déplacement Personnel Motorisés) and is limited to 25 km/h by design, ex works.