Wiizzee continues to innovate with the distribution of robotic cleaning robots. With the launch of the NV01 window cleaning robot, Wiizzee aims to continue its mission to help people, to help you, by taking care of even the most household chores.

What is a window cleaning robot?

A window-cleaning robot is an automated device designed to clean windows and other glass surfaces. These are equipped with sensors, motors and pads or squeegees. squeegees specially designed to effectively clean glass surfaces without requiring constant human intervention. They are particularly to free up time first and foremost, but also to carry out cleaning cleaning at height or on difficult surfaces. difficult difficult-to-reach surfaces.

How does a window-cleaning robot work?

You've received your Wiizzee NV01 window cleaning robot and you've unpacked it. All the parts are in the box, and you've recharged it so that it's so that it's 100% charged for its first use.

First of all, you'll need to go through the attachment stage. The window is attached to the surface to be cleaned, usually using suction cups or suction cups or magnetic fasteners to ensure that it remains in place during cleaning. For added safety, an anti-fall cable cable This will enable the window cleaning robot to be retrieved should it if it should fall over due to a completely discharged battery without recovered in time!

To move around, the robot is equipped with small motors that enable on the glass surface. It is equipped with cleaning wipes microfiber cleaning wipes specially designed to remove dirt, dust dust, stains and fingerprints on the glass surface. Window are equipped with sensors that enable them to detect the edges of the glass and adjust their trajectory accordingly, thus avoiding thus of falling or becoming detached.

The Wiizzee NV01 window cleaning robot offers 3 cleaning modes:

  • The first mode (N) follows an N-shaped path for cleaning cleaning and efficient cleaning.
  • The second mode (Z) opts for a Z-shaped trajectory, specially designed to optimally remove stubborn stains.
  • For thorough cleaning, the combination mode skilfully combines the N and Z trajectories for dazzling results.

With this new window cleaning robot, your home will be brighter and your your even cosier!