To talk about the scooter electric Wiizzee WS5 Max, we asked Matthieu to list the advantages (and disadvantages) of it. In effect, whether it’s selling, raining or snowing, he uses it daily to go from at he’s at home.

The first thing that comes to his mind when he has to describe his scooter ? “Comfort” Why? The Wiizzee WS5 Max allows it to travel a little least about ten kilometres in a quarter of an hour or a little more if there is has more work than usual. Comfort obtained thanks to an engine of 500W located in the rear wheel, which provides better stabilization, but also to a shock absorber located at the front. But also a tranquillity with a powerful front LED headlight and a LED tail light with signal of braking.

According to Matthieu, its backlit screen is simple and effective, it indicates the speed, battery gauge and speed mode used. Indeed, the Wiizzee WS5 Max has 3 speed modes: the first will until 15km/h, the second up to 25 and finally mode 3 releases the power maximum of scooter. The total number of kilometres is also displayed, and the display can also allow setup of scooter electric, such as enabling cruise mode (cruise control) or the type starting (with or without swing). The trigger is easy to use, and enough sensitive to vary the speed simply. If needed, it can switch to mode cruise, which will let him cross the city and its suburbs more easily.

In terms of other technical characteristics, its engine of 500 coupled watts to a Lithium-Ion battery of 13 amps in 48 volts ensures a speed maximum (on private land in France) of 35 km/h and autonomy up to 40 kilometres approximately. Information confirmed by Matthieu who confesses recharge its beautiful all 2 days to keep autonomy and speed comfortable.

Only small downside? The weight of the scooter - 15.5 kg - to mount on two floors in the evening when arriving at his home. The descent does not pose of problem, but after a day of “work” it can have its importance.

Electric scooter Wiizzee WS5 Max

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