User portrait: Julien

Hello Julien, could you introduce yourself in a few words?
Hello, my name is Julien and I live in a small department in the north of France around ten kilometers from Lille.


Are you using an e-scooter and if so which one is it?
I use a WS3 Max e-scooter purchased on Wiizzee. I acquired it at the end of November in anticipation of the blockage and transport problems during the strikes. This allows me to reconcile the use of public transport, with the freedom to use personal transport!


Does it save you time? How many approximately?
When I started my new job, I only drove there. But with my schedules and traffic jams, it took me between 45 minutes and 1h15, for a journey of about twenty kilometers. I then tested public transport (bus / metro / walk) and the journey was about 1h15 but at specific times and therefore not necessarily compatible with mine. The scooter solution finally came to the fore: I replaced the bus route and walking with a scooter route which saved me time. I have to save about half an hour per trip …


How many kilometers do you compensate with your electric scooter?
So I did the math, I'm doing more or less 12km on the metro and it takes me - excluding breakdowns - a little half an hour. The rest is done on a scooter in about 20 minutes: first a quarter of an hour to get from my house to the metro and then 5 minutes to the metro to work.


Do you think this is a lasting solution?
I think so! I pay around € 60 for public transport per month, and my scooter cost me around € 650. I charge twice a week (I leave my scooter plugged in for a working day) or € 2 I think… The more I use it, the more I amortize it so in a few months, it will be more profitable than a car .


What about ecology in all of this?
I no longer use my car, except on weekends and exceptional cases, so it's pretty positive. And the scooter allows me to take public transport with flexibility, which is nice: otherwise I think I would have had to come back to the car.

Portrait of Julien

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